Elder Abuse

The Nevada Elder Abuse Task Force was recently formed by Nevada’s law enforcement, prosecutorial and social service agencies to assess and improve the protection of our seniors.

The Task Force is dedicated to the following principles:

  • Nevada’s seniors are entitled to dignity and respect.

  • Nevada’s seniors must be protected from abuse, fraud, neglect and exploitation.

  • Crimes against Nevada’s seniors will be investigated and prosecuted with passion, purpose and perseverance.

  • Victims of elder abuse are entitled to justice.

The Task Force is currently conducting a resource inventory and needs assessment of the current systems in Clark and Washoe counties and rural Nevada with the following objectives:

  • Developing better lines of communication between the various State and local agencies that have responsibility for investigating and prosecuting crimes against seniors.

  • Providing public education and raising awareness of the problems of abuse, fraud, neglect and exploitation of seniors.

  • Improving the investigation and prosecution of elder abuse cases through training, specialization, and the creation of a Senior Protection Unit at the State level capable of handling certain complex cases and acting as a resource to local authorities on other cases.

Nevada laws prohibiting the abuse, neglect, exploitation or isolation of older persons and vulnerable persons (including mandatory reporting requirements) are set forth in NRS 200.5091-.50995.